Skylork Scooter Snorkeling Seafari

1 Hour Full Guided Tour

Free Photo Package Included

Wildlife Viewing

Family Friendly

iAqua Underwater Jetski Adventures

Blending jet ski and snorkeling for swift surface movement and diving. Features a powerful electric motor, streamlined design, and user-friendly controls. Achieves high speeds akin to dolphins. Eco-friendly with zero emissions, using electric batteries. Experience unparalleled aquatic thrills, exploring the ocean's mysteries with top-notch seadart vessels. Dive into the beauty and uncover hidden treasures beneath the surface.

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Be propelled through the water at dolphin speed with our iAqua scooters. See what it feels like to be in control of the fastest sea scooter in the world. See turtles, rays and lots of sea life.

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Skylork Scooter Snorkeling Tour Upgrades

Enhance your Antigua water adventures with added value and enjoyment by selecting any of these tour upgrades for your next reservation.

Extend the enjoyment beyond your time in the water! Skylork Scooter Snorkeling is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Loose Cannon Beach Bar, Antigua's premier dining destination, offering you an invigorating and acclaimed lunch special.

Feeling both parched and curious? Satiate your thirst for both refreshment and learning by crafting your own distinct rum at the esteemed Academy of Rum, where expert guidance awaits in our masterclass rum-making course. Immerse yourself in the art of flavor creation and bottle your own personalized rum to savor at home.

What to Expect Tour Day Instructions & Itinerary


Select your tour by clicking Our Tours then select “Book Now" on your choice of tour. Select your date of interest. Chose the amount of persons within your group. Proceed to “BOOK” and enter your billing details.

Upon payment confirmation, you will receive a follow up email with an invoice and your ticket attached, if you do not receive an invoice or a ticket immediately after your booking, contact us at

We will email you with Pick Up Instructions (If booked with pick up) AND tour information a day before your booking date, please email us @ if you do not receive pick up information.

Day of Tour

If your session is in the morning, we will be at your location for 8:15 am. For an afternoon session, our pick up is 1:15 pm.

Drive to our snorkel destination at Galleon Beach.

Upon arrival, our guide will demonstrate safety measures and demonstrate the use of all the equipment before snorkeling begins.

Once orientation is completed, it’s Scooter snorkeling time!

The snorkel time is between 1 to 1.5 hours. (Varies based on condition and your endurance)

After completion, we will transport you to your destination.

Photos are sent via Dropbox within 24 hour after your session.


Prices starting at $95 per person. Pick Up and Drop Off not Included (select as extra if needed).

Time & Availability

Our snorkeling time is 1 hour. We have two tours daily, 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM. We provide services to all, including cruise passengers. 50% of all our guest are cruise passengers.


Our tour is not suited for everyone. If you cannot swim, this activity is not for you. We do not snorkel from a boat. Having previous snorkeling experience is a plus. It is suitable for persons between the ages of 8 and 70 years old. Weight Limit 250 lbs 127kg. Read more on our FAQs section.


We are located at Galleon Beach St Paul English Harbour. We are on the property of the Galleon Beach Resort, home of the popular Loose Cannon Bar and Restaurant, Scooter Snorkeling Activity, and the Academy of Rum

Pickup & Drop Off Instructions

View Heritage Quay Pick Up Location instruction here.

View Redcliffe Quay Pier direction to Pick Up Location here.

Our Staff

Upon arrival, our guide will demonstrate safety measures and demonstrate the use of all the equipment before snorkeling begins. Once orientation is completed, it’s Scooter snorkeling time!

Points of Interest

Pillars of Hercules Antigua is a beautiful rock formation located near the entrance to Freeman’s Bay in English Harbour. Read more about Hercules Pillars.

Galleon Beach is famous for turtle sightings. The beach is considered a sea turtle sanctuary. Also a UNESCO world heritage site.


We can never guarantee what we will see; however, we can give you an idea of what you most likely will see. Turtles are most likely to spot. Read more about all of the Sealife commonly seen on our tours.

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