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Welcome to Scooter Snorkeling Antigua

By Skylork

Best Shore Snorkeling in Antigua

Walk off the shore of Picturesque Galleon Beach into one of Antigua’s best snorkeling spot. come and see why many visitors have deemed this the best spot for snorkeling in Antigua.  chances of seeing turtles are high. 

Scooter Snorkeling in Antigua | Best Antigua Snorkeling Tour

Must Know How to Swim

  • This activity is not for everyone. all persons must know basic swimming to participate.
  • Must be 10 and older to paticipate.
  • Age limit 70
  • $95 per person
  • Free photos!
scooter snorkeling antigua

Swim with Sea Turtles!

Swim with Sea turtles while on your journey from shore to Galleon Beach. Simple put, If your aim is to swim with Turtles while in Antigua, you’ve found the right place. Even though we do not guarantee, your chances of seeing turtles are high. 

Lots of Photos!

Receive lots of high quality Photos (value over $75)!

Our guides capture those exciting moments of you in action, and all the cool stuff we see along the way!


Your Safety is our Priority. We put your safety first. Our Sea Scooter of choice (Seadoo/Yamaha RS1/500li) is currently the safest and most reliable sea scooter on the market. As these devices are powered by Li-on battery, we do not recommend using any other as we have seen a higher level of incidence with other sea scooters. Seadoo/Yamaha is designed with a 3 tier chamber system to keep salt water from getting anywhere near the battery. the battery is also within a waterproof pod with proper O-ring seals. Sea Scooters are our business, we evaluate all sea scooters currently on the market, in other words, if we don’t use it, it didn’t pass our safety evaluation. View our FAQ’s

Scooter Snorkeling in Antigua | Best Antigua Snorkeling Tour

Hassle-free Secure Online Booking

Our online booking system eliminates the emailing back and forth. Just select the day and the session you’d love to scooter snorkel and pay via our secure online payment gateway, and you are all set. 

Stay Safe.

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