Iaqua Adventures

Experiencel the Thrill, Feel the Power!

What is Iaqua?

iaqua is a high-performance watercraft designed for underwater exploration and fun. It’s often described as a mix between a jet ski and a snorkeling device. iaquas are used typically at the surface or in shallow depths, and they allow riders to move swiftly through the water while also being able to dive beneath the surface.

Key features of an iaqua typically include a powerful electric motor, a streamlined design for minimal water resistance, and simple controls that allow riders to adjust their speed and depth. these water vehicles can reach significant speeds, allowing users to zip through the water similar to a dolphin.

Iaquas are eco-friendly, as they are powered by electric batteries and produce no emissions, making them an environmentally friendly way to enjoy the ocean.

At Iaqua Adventures..

We’re your gateway to a world of unparalleled aquatic thrills. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the deep blue, where every wave holds a new story and every dive reveals a hidden treasure. Embark on exhilarating journeys beneath the surface, exploring the mysteries of the ocean like never before. Our top-notch seadart vessels will take you on a voyage of wonder and awe.

Photography Paradise

Let us capture the magic of the ocean while you focus on making the memories. Our Guides will photograph all the special moments, ensuring that your shots are nothing short of extraordinary

Our experienced and certified guides are passionate about the ocean. They’ll lead you through an unforgettable adventure, sharing their knowledge and love for the sea.


Abundance of Marine Life

Encounter colorful coral reefs, sponges, and a variety of tropical fish species, such as parrotfish, sergeant majors, angelfish, and more. Turtles are among the highlight of your trip!

Where are we Located?

We are located at Galleon Beach St Paul English Harbour. We are on the property of the Galleon Beach Resort, home of the popular Loose Cannon Bar and Restaurant, Scooter Snorkeling Activity, and the Academy of Rum

Contact Us:


Phone: 268-771-9696

Cost: 135USD


  • 1 hour of guided fun
  • All equipment provided
  • Photos (Digital photos will be made available for download via dropbox)
  • Light Refresments