“I am visiting Antigua via cruise, will i make it back in time before the ship’s departure?”

Yes. Our travel time from st john’s to our snorkeling site is 45 minutes to and 45 minutes return. our orientation and preparation are 45 minutes in total. Our snorkel time is 1.5 hours. our total time is 3 hours 45 minutes top. this leaves plenty of time to see st johns before you depart.

“Do you provide pick up for passengers traveling via cruise ship?”

Yes. We provide pick up for cruise passengers also. Our guide will meet and greet you at the port. After you will be guided to the transport nearby then travel to our snorkel site.

“Do i need to know how to swim 🙂 ?”

Yes. We require you know how to swim. Having previous snorkeling experience is a plus.

“Do you snorkel from a boat?”

No. We do not snorkel from a boat, we do strictly shore snorkeling which enhances the use of our scooters.

“Should i bring a camera”

Our packages include photos, so there is no need to bring your our camera. If you do decide on bringing your own camera, please make sure that it is water proof before using in the water.  Please note, some cameras and cell phones are splash proof and not water proof.

Splash proof means; if water splashes on the device, of it is dropped in water for a short period, it won’t be affected.

Water proof means the device can be submerged in water and not be affected.

please carefully read your device manual before using in water.

“I am a scuba instructor, do i still need to wear a life vest?”

Yes. Life vest is mandatory for all participants.

“I have a child who is 7, who is a great swimmer, would my child be able to come on a tour?”

Yes. The tour minimum age is not set in stones, we do make exceptions based on the person’s swimming ability. This info would have to be communicated to us via email. However, our guide will still have to assess the person on the day of the tour to ensure he/she is capable of enduring the swim. If our guide is not comfortable with the person’s swimming experience, the tour guide will recommend a private tour if special assistance is needed.

“What method of payment do you accept?”

We  accept cash, and all major credit cards.

“What should i bring for this tour?”

Please take a towel or two, and change clothes. We also advice you take some form of sun block whether it be as simple as an aloe leaf, or a regular bottle of sun block lotion or spray.

“What kind of animals will i see while snorkeling?”

We can never guarantee what we will see; however, we can give you an idea of what you most likely will see. Sting rays, and eagle rays are very common, we see them almost every time we go out. Turtles are occasional, but they are more common at other locations. Reef fish many different species, Conch, Eels, Corals, Barracudas, Octopus, hermit crab, Porcupine fish etc. you can view our gallery

“Do i have to sign a waiver?”

Yes. We require you sign our liability waiver before the tour.

“Do i have to wear a life vest during snorkeling?”

Yes. Life vest is mandatory for all. We use an inflatable life vest which makes it more comfortable during snorkeling as oppose to a padded life jacket or vest. You can inflate it when you need to relax and stay afloat, and deflate while traveling.

“What is the duration time of this tour?”

The total trip including pick up, drop off and snorkeling is about 3 hours.

“What is the cost of the trip?”

Our price is $99 USD per person.

Can i bring my own equipment?

Yes, feel free to bring along you own gears, please note, new untreated snorkel mask will fog quickly, we advice to\you get your mask treated at your local dive shop. 

Is there a weight limit to participate?

Yes, the weight limit is 250 LBS or 114 KG


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